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Noodle Food is the brainchild of Vernon Heard, producer, father, and purveyor of all things fun and educational.  With a life-long enthusiasm for kid's education, creating Noodle Food presents the perfect vehicle to merge kids education, a love of animation, the joy of working with kids and a seemingly bottomless imagination. 

"I grew up on Sesame Street, Jim Henson's Muppets, School House Rock, Electric Company and lots and lots of books.

My mom was a teacher for awhile so education was always in the forefront of our lives. Noodle Food has been in the back of my mind since my son was born in 2001.  It feels good finally taking these ideas off the mental drawing board and bringing them to life.  All the silly little songs I made up and sang to my son as a baby are all nestled in the episodes.

I know we're not breaking new ground with this concept but I'm excited to be part of the shenanigans!!"  It's just a good feeling to see the first reactions of kids that participate in the show and kids who see Noodle Food.

We hope you enjoy our work and can take something useful from the lessons nestled in all the fun!!

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